Moose and Pronghorn Hunts

Nice wasatch bull
A trophy quality bull moose
Great hooks and nice prongs. A good looking Utah pronghorn.

All our moose hunting is conducted on the Wasatch Mountains and the North Slope Summit units. These are giant areas, but the moose are not found everywhere throughout them. Our moose hunting camp is set near to one of the highest moose concentrations on the Wasatch unit and we have seen some excellent bulls in the area. We also hunt multiple drainages on the North Slope that have high concentrations of moose with exceptional trophy potential.

Where ever possible, we use horses to access the more remote areas on the mountain and certainly to pack an animal out once it hits the ground. Moose are a giant animal and will turn into multiple heavy pack trips if all that is available is a back pack. We have a well trained herd of pack horses that do all of the packing.


Our Pronghorn hunts take place on either the Plateau unit or the Book Cliffs Cisco unit. Both of these units have produced some great pronghorn bucks over the years with the Cisco unit holding better trophy potential.

Archery hunting is done by placing a blind beside a waterhole and waiting for the bucks to come to water. Shots are typically within 30 yards. On our rifle hunts, we like to hunt by finding the highest point possible and glassing until we find the animal we want to take. We then stalk in as close as possible before taking the shot.