Elk Hunts & Elk Hunting

We hunt trophy quality elk throughout the state of Utah. We guide several of the top producing limited entry units, several great opportunity units as well as several general season areas. All of these areas offer archery hunts, rifle hunts and muzzleloader hunts.

Our limited entry areas can be difficult to draw, but are well worth the time and effort. True trophy quality bulls are taken every year from most of these areas. The "opportunity units" generally produce representative bulls and are usually much easier to draw. These are a good choice if you just want to hunt elk with a reasonable chance at taking a 6x6 bull. We also offer hunts on one of Utah's any bull general season units as well as several spike only areas. These are guaranteed permits and can be purchased over the counter after the drawing results are posted.

Fully Guided Hunts
We offer 1x1 fully guided hunts that include the guide, lodging, hunt transportation, meals and trophy care. Depending on the unit hunted, camp may be along side a road or may require a horse ride of 3 to 10 miles.

  • Book Cliffs, Little Creek (Roadless)
    The Book Cliffs, Little Creek (Roadless) unit is one of our favorite elk areas. The roadless book cliffs are not huge in size, but is far bigger than can be hunted in a single season. As the name implies, this is an area that is accessible by foot traffic or horseback only. A 10 mile horse ride to camp puts all the ATV's, trucks, and crowds behind. The "roadless area" frequently produces bulls in the 340-350 range with a reasonable chance at a 360 . This is a remote and rugged hunt so hunters need to be in shape. This area also offers an awesome general season archery spike hunt.

  • Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek-South
    The Bitter Creek portion of the Book Cliffs is a huge area that holds a very healthy population of elk. Access throughout the unit is very good with many oil and gas mining roads. Bulls scoring 320-340 are reasonable expectations with a moderate possibility of a bull exceeding 350. There are canyons where the elk will go to escape hunting pressure that are quite steep and very deep. There is a lot of oak brush with some pines and aspens mixed in. Though access is very good, this is a very remote unit. Going to town will burn a full day of hunting time.

  • Central Mountains, Manti
    The Manti unit holds more elk than any area of the state. There is good access to most areas of the unit though we prefer to hunt the more inaccessible parts. This is one unit that we can offer a roadside camp or a horse back camp. Expect steep canyons with dark timber. There are also wide open areas where glassing long distances is possible. 320 to 340 class bulls are to be expected with some exceeding 350.

  • Oquirrh-Stansbury
    The Oquirrh Stansbury unit is best hunted out of a roadside camp (or even a hotel if you prefer) with daily horse rides into the upper canyons and basins. There is a lot of private land on this unit that hunters need to be able to avoid. Steep canyons filled with oak brush, pines, aspens and mahogany are to be expected. Bulls scoring in the 300 to 330 range can be expected with a moderate chance of a 340 .

  • Plateau, Boulder/Kiaparowits
    The Plateau Boulder unit has been one of the top trophy producing units for many years. Though the unit is huge, there is not an extremely large population of elk. Most bulls will score in the 330 to 360 range with a fair chance of a 370 . This unit has produced several 400 class bulls in recent years. Thick stands of timber are the norm and glassing can be difficult. Access to most areas of the unit is pretty good with one main paved road going over the top. A roadside camp is possible, though we prefer to hunt an area that is a short 3 mile horse ride into camp.

  • Uintahs, South Slope
    The South Slope of the Uintas is a general season over the counter any bull unit. Access is extremely limited and requires horses or a backpack type camp. Our camp is an easy 3-5 mile horse ride and is set right on the edge of the wilderness boundary near 10,000 feet. Though bulls in excess of 300 are possible, we encourage hunters to take any legal bull spotted. Dark timber with open parks are what you will be hunting. Some steep canyons are in the area, but the elk typically reside in the vast wild forest.

  • Wasatch Mountains
    The Wasatch Mountains is one of the most popular elk units Utah has to offer. A large population of elk with good trophy potential provide for a great hunting experience. There is easy access throughout most of the unit though this can also cause some problems. Trucks and ATV's navigate this unit at will causing the elk to find those few secluded areas where they can hide. To escape as much of this as we can, our camp is set near a trailhead into a small roadless area. We take short horse rides or day hikes into this area. 310 to 330 class bulls are a reasonable expectation with bigger being a real possibility. Several 360 to 400 class bulls have been take from this unit.