Mountain Goats

Our Mountain Goat hunts are conducted on all of the Wasatch Mountains sub-units as well as the High Uintas West and Central units. All Mountain goat hunts are extremely strenuous and will require some steep mountain hiking. To insure the best possibility of success, hunters are encouraged to get into the best shape possible before coming to camp.

Utah has an outstanding population of mountain goats. You will likely be able to look over numerous animals while looking for that one special trophy. We try to run our goat hunts from mid September to the first week of October. After the first part of October, there becomes an increasing risk of heavy snow - especially in the Uintas units. Once this snow flies, it may be impossible to reach the high country where these goats reside.

  • Wasatch Mountains Lone Peak
    There are some great goats on the Lone Peak unit. If they wish to hunt the Wasatch, this is the hunt all non-residents must apply for. If drawn, the non-resident is allowed to hunt all 4 of the Wasatch Mountains sub units. A hunt on this unit could be shared with many hikers and sight seers as most of the access points are through the Cottonwood Canyons east of Salt Lake City. These canyons are very popular with the non-hunting population. Horses are not allowed as these canyons are water shed for the Salt Lake Valley. All hunting will be done on foot.

  • Wasatch Mountains Box Elder Peak
    Box Elder Peak has historically produced some trophy quality goats. This is a very rugged unit that receives far less attention from the non-hunting populace. There are several main basins that the goats reside in and some serious hiking may be involved. Horses will be used to access camp.

  • Wasatch Mountains Timpanogos
    Mount Timpanogos is true mountain goat country. The trail that access the goat habitat is very popular with hikers and a hunter will likely see many non hunters. The trail is not terribly rough, but it is long. A backpack hunt will require strong legs and a lot of determination. We use horses to access the lower basins (6 mile ride) and then hike up to the goats from camp.

  • Wasatch Mountains Provo Peak
    Provo Peak is the lowest of the 4 Wasatch Mountains goat units, but in places it is the roughest. It is also the unit that receives the fewest recreational hikers. Camp will be accessed by horseback and hunting will be day hikes out from there.

  • High Uintah West & High Uintah Central
    All of the North Slope South Slope High Uintas goat units are extremely remote. Many of the goats are 10 miles or more from the closest road. These units also contain some of the highest mountain peaks within the state of Utah. Most of these hunts will be at elevations above 10,000 feet and can extend up to and over 13,000. These units are vast and contain incredible mountain goat habitat. However, not all habitat is frequented by these goats. Without knowing where the goats are, a hunter could spend days looking at great habitat that is devoid of goats. These units are very steep and it is very easy to shoot a goat in an unrecoverable area. A plan for recovery needs to be thought out before any shot is taken.