Deer Hunts & Deer Hunting

Our deer hunting is second to none. We offer hunts on some of Utah's top limited entry units as well as some general season areas. Most of these hunts are based out of roadside camps, but our general season hunts are usually out of a horseback camp. This puts us away from most of the crowds and gives us a head start each day.

On our general season area, Oquirrh-Stansbury" we offer a youth hunt that will give the young hunter an exceptional opportunity to harvest a buck. With a full paying adult hunter, a youth hunter (12-17) hunts for only $500.

  • Book Cliffs
    The Book Cliffs holds the potential for a giant mule deer. This is an extremely remote unit that holds a great herd of mature bucks. Our hunters will usually get the opportunity to look over dozens of 4x4's while they search for that one special buck. Deep canyons filled with thick oak brush provide excellent mule deer habitat. Our camp is a roadside camp placed within easy distance of prime deer hunting areas. For the archery hunter, there is a portion of this unit (Book Cliffs Roadless area) were we offer a horseback camp 10 miles from the roads and crowds. We seldom see deer hunters in this area of the unit.

  • Fillmore, Oak Creek
    The Fillmore, Oak Creek is a very rough rugged unit. There is potential for a great buck and some true giants have been taken from this area. Steep canyons choked with oak brush and juniper are hunted on the lower portions of the unit while aspen and pines with open hillsides are up higher. This is a roadside camp type hunt or for those that are a bit more adventurous, a backpack type hunt is a great option. Horses are not used or even possible in many areas.

  • Henry Mountains
    As most hunters know, the Henry Mountains is one of the top mule deer units in the country. A buck scoring in excess of 190 is a reasonable expectation going into this hunt. This country is very steep and will require some heavy hiking to get into the better areas. Good bucks can be found from the roads, but the best bucks usually require much more effort. Stands of pines with huge open hillsides are what we will be hunting.

  • Oquirrh-Stansbury
    This is our general season area. A 3 mile horse ride puts you into a secluded campsite and prime mule deer habitat. We hunt high mountain basins far above the roads that can be seen down below. Good bucks in the 20-24" class are what we are after with the chance at finding something special. We offer a youth hunt out of this camp designed to give the young hunter (12-17) the best possible opportunity to take a buck. A youth hunter hunts for $500 when accompanied by a full price adult hunter. Horses get us to camp, but hunting will be done on foot each day. This hunt does require that the hunter be in shape as the mountains and basins are rather steep.

  • Paunsaugunt
    The famed Paunsaugunt is considered by most to be a premium deer unit. Record quality bucks are taken each year from this area. The upper portion of the unit is thick stands of pine and aspens while lower areas are oak brush, junipers and mahogany. A network of forest roads exists throughout the unit and most areas can be easily accessed from these roads. We will hunt out of a roadside camp and the hunting areas accessed by truck and by foot.

  • West Desert, Vernon
    When hunting the West Desert, Vernon unit, hunters will likely look at dozens of deer per day. Good bucks are available with a few exceptional bucks being taken each year. This unit is comprised of a few tall mountains with wide open hillsides and sage brush flats. Canyons filled with oak brush and junipers provide excellent cover. Most areas can be accessed by a network of roads and trails. Hunting will be conducted by trucks and on foot.